Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Worship Wednesday

This is the third day of a 7 day challenge that I accepted.
Part of the challenge was to match the first letter with the day of the week.
I have ben thinking all dayfor the titles of my 3 blogs.
So for this one I came up with Worship Wednesday.
For everyone that reads this blog they would know that I am always writing thing to my wife on here.
Most of the time I write then at work on my phone.
Then I send her the link threw text message.
This blog I just want to send a message to all the guys out there that may be reading this also.
So here it goes....

One day you saw a woman.
This woman stirred something deep inside your gut.
At first it could have been lust, but it soon grew into something more.
Maybe it was a strong friendship, and then LOVE.
Whatever order it happened in you married her.
Now everyday you wake up she is there for you.
She even worships the ground you walk on.
Everyday tell her how BEAUTIFUL you think she is!
Everyday tell her you LOVE her!
Everyday before you leave her KISS her on the lips!
Everyday wrap your arms around her and HOLD her tight!



  1. OH My God!!!
    What a Tribute to a loving
    Great Thoughts And
    Great Tips
    Thanks for sharing this tips LOL
    Keep inform days to go to finish this challenge
    Best Regards